O damned vacillating state! (turabiannights) wrote in namingnames,
O damned vacillating state!

Well hello everyone!

I just returned from a long trip to Greece and Turkey (thus the lack of posting)! While in Turkey, I met a lovely couple named Semra and Bruno and their little daughter Venus. I was very surprised to meet a little Venus in the flesh, though she does have a rather famous tennis namesake right now... So here's a question for you: how do you feel about naming after famous people and well-known historical/mythological figures? I remember being surprised at the backlash against Gwyneth Paltrow's new baby's name (Moses) because it was "too Biblical" or "too much to live up to"... yet we live in a culture where Adam, Elijah, Noah, David and even Jesus aren't given a second glance. So what makes an appropriate or inappropriate namesake? Is a name like Venus or Hercules or Odin too much? Why or why not? What about Napoleon, Caesar or Cleopatra? How do you feel about more modern namesakes, like Beyonce, Reagan or Paris (on a girl)?
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