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What's in a name?

Names with Brains
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    What this community is:
  • A place that fosters intelligent, productive, and FUN! conversation about all kinds of names.

    What this community values:
  • Respect. Taste in names varies. Not everyone is going to love Margaret - not everyone is going to love Jaidyn. That doesn't mean we can't all get along. Please note that "name-calling" is not one of this community's interests.
  • Honesty. All that stuff about respect being said, we will not blow pink glitter up your hoohoo. Some names are good; some really aren't. The difference will always be clear here.

    What this community is not:
  • A renaming community. There are a number of LJ communities devoted to renaming, so there's really not a reason to have one more.
  • A forum for drama. People don't like your names? Boo hoo. Take it somewhere else. We will do our best to be constructive; we will also behave like grownups.


Say what you mean, mean what you say. It's the only way good discussion gets going.